XXXVIII° International "Muse" Award – Florence 31 May 2003

The prestigious recognition, the International “Le Muse” Award, was presented to him during the XXXVIIIth edition. The international prize was established by Giuliana Plastino to recognize twelve people in the fields of business, art, science, cinema and television.

The winners of the 38th editions were: President of Capitalia S.p.A. Cesare Geronzi, Apollo Musagete, Swedish poet Lars Gustaffson (Muse Calliope), university professor Zeffiro Ciuffoletti (Muse Clio), sculptor Jean Michel Folon (Muse Erato), baritone Giuseppe Taddei (Muse Euterpe), actress Valeria Ciangottini (Muse Melpomene), musician and composer Azio Corghi (Muse Polyhymnia), writer and poet Carlo Giuseppe Lapusata (Muse Thalia), dancer and choreographer Franca Bartolomei (Muse Terpsichore), engineer Giuseppe Rosnati (Muse Urania), actor Massimo Boldi (tenth Muse – Cinema) and television host Marco Liorni (eleventh Muse – Television).

During the solemn ceremony in the historic Salone dei Cinquecento, in Palazzo Vecchio, the "little silver key" was presented by the city of Florence.